Marie Honors Inspirational Women

Meet our 2007 Tea with Marie Inspirational Women

These are very special women who have been on our show during the past year and whom we have found to be extremely inspirational to many others. They have overcome many obstacles in their lives and they have continued to persevere and become creative, independent women who enjoy their lives and inspire others to do so. We also hope our inspirational women will inspire other women out there to come to us with ideas about being on our show. As women we hope to learn from each other about what we think is important in life and how we all survive and keep beauty in our lives.

If you have questions for our special women please email them to us before December 13th . On that date we have invited our lovely ladies to tape another show with us when we will have a forum and discuss issues important to women today. Your question may be read! That show will be aired on December 28th, 2007 on channel 13 at 3 PM in Rhode Island. We shall include that show on this website after the airing.

And remember that we are all special women in our own way. If you know any inspirational women who should be on Tea with Marie please contact us by email.

We now present their stories:

Let us know how you like meeting these Inspirational Women.


Anne Branch

Susi Franco

A Fredricks
Antoinette Frederick

Pat Hastings

Betty Kornitzer

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